Pitões das Júnias

The Hotel Vista Bela do Gerês is situated 10 minutes from the village of Pitões das Júnias. Stay in our Hotel and visit the village.

The village of “Pitões das Júnias” is situated inside the National Park of the Peneda Gerês, which was created in 1971, and  is the only National Park in Portugal, encloses a mountainous area northwestern Portuguese territory, with about 72 000 ha.

The Man/Nature interaction, through times, gave origin, in the valleys of the most important water lines, a strong humanized landscape and the appearance of extremely valuable cultures. Today, about 15 000 inhabitants, spread out by 114 small villages, still testify this.

This National Park, for its variety landscapes, diversity of microclimates, existing vegetal and animal species and for the historical vestiges of more than five thousand years of human occupation, has remarkably satisfied the purposes of its creation.

This Park is visited by many people, under certain conditions, with educative, cultural and recreational ends. In the National Park a separation was established, of which two great areas have resulted.

One of them, peripheral – rural environment area, where the mountainous villages are located, the fields that serve it and the lands of pasture, that is, the places where the human influence is more significantly felt.

The another one – natural environment area, besides being protected by the involving area, being deducted the human pressure for difficult access, is by excellence the area of protection, where nature can freely reveal all its dynamics.